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We are always looking for volunteers to come and join our team, so we'd love to hear from you!

Are you part of a corporate team looking for an amazing opportunity to volunteer together?

There are a range of ways you can get involved, from helping at events, giving one of our service centres a makeover, sharing skills from your own trade/profession.

Let us know and we will find an opportunity that suits your team!

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Make a difference and support people with a disability to live the life they choose!

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Corporate Volunteer Expression of Interest

Have you ever taken part in a corporate volunteer opportunity with CPL before? (We used to be known as Cerebral Palsy League)

Are you looking for a team corporate volunteer opportunity?


As a CPL Volunteer, there are lots of exciting opportunities for you to share your skills and interests, make an impact and get involved in your community. Check out some of the wonderful stories shared by our talented team of volunteers across QLD.